Student Profile

Our student body comprises a mix of vibrant cultural and academic backgrounds.

Students will gain immediate insights on cultural issues in the global economy and benefit from working with closeknit cross-cultural teams to understand real-world business problems. Daily interactions in the classroom, enrichment activities and social settings will play a significant role in the program study.

The Class of 2017-18 Intake

The students of the 2017-18 intake form a good balance of diversity. The majority of the class graduated from universities in Mainland China(78%) and Hong Kong (5%) and about one-fifth of the class come from Australia, Europe, India, Southeast Asia and USA.

Nationality (2017-18 Intake)

The majority of the students in the 2017-18 intake possess a degree in business disciplines, such as Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Management & Business Administration. However, about 20% of the students were from non-business backgrounds, with degrees in areas such as Arts & Humanities, Law, and Science/Engineering etc.

Education Background by Undergraduate Major (2017-18 Intake)