Clément DUMUR (2014 - 15 Intake)

Company & location: Credit Suisse, Switzerland
Current position: Analyst, Hedge Fund / Private Equity

The MSc(IM) program has been an incredible experience. As a foreigner in Hong Kong, I have been able to learn about a new culture and at the same time to drastically improve my knowledge of finance. The quality of the teaching faculty and the course contents are flawless and focus on academic excellence. One of my favorite classes has been Trading in Equity Markets with Pr. Mohammed Apabhai, Director of Citigroup Trading Strategies. It was a perfect mix between technical knowledge and practical views about the industry. The HKUST Campus is wonderful and it is a real privilege to study every day in this environment. HKUST taught me to never have dreams, but always to have goals.

Polina DZYUBA (2014 - 15 Intake)

Company & location: Macquarie, New York
Current position: Senior Associate, Commodities and Financial Markets

As a foreigner in Hong Kong with no local language skills, I experienced a lot of difficulties while looking for a job here at the beginning. My career advisor was very helpful in preparing me for my interviews and I was very lucky to have her assistance. Everything I learned during the program was extremely important and helpful - I felt well-prepared even for the most challenging interview questions.

Van LI (2014 - 15 Intake)

Company & location: Natixis, Hong Kong
Current position: Trainee, Global Infrastructure Projects

The MSc(IM) program started with equipping all we need to prepare for a successful career in the financial world. These include workshops on job searching, resume and cover letter writing, aptitude test, interview, assessment center, social networking, image building, etc. Professional career advisors approached us by time to time and help in figuring out the career path which suit us the best. 

All of us are like in a big family. We treat the staff from MSc program office like part of us, who provide opportunities to build close ties between each other and fully support our self-organized activities such as boat trips, hiking and dinner parties. They are someone you can trust, and make life-long friends with.

Evan ZHANG (2014 - 15 Intake)

Company & location: Barclays Investment Bank
Current position: Assistant Vice President

It has been a great privilege to become one of the first batch of full-time students of the MSc(IM) program. Everything seemed new and exciting, and we were all very keen on specially designed course content.
I also appreciated the efforts from the MSc Programs Office since the admission interviews. There were clear and thorough instructions for every key step we had to take. I felt well supported during the entire year of my study.
Luna LIU (2015 - 16 Intake)

Company & location: Chinalin Securities, Shenzhen
Current position: Strategy & Business Development Associate, Institutional Business

The curriculum is overall well designed and provided us with diversified topics and intensive schedule in the finance and investment industry. Professors keep on encouraging us to work closely together and learn from each other. I benefit a lot from group work, because working out late in the night together, appreciating each other and feeling accomplished at the same time is really an impressive experience. That prepares us well for our future career as well.

I really like the career workshops the program organized for us, ranging from business dress code, CV Clinique, 1-on-1 coach, mock interview, case interview and so many others. And the professional profile photo shooting too. It really gives us a head-start in the job-hunting race, making us feel more ready and professional.

The program office is always supportive in all aspects. The program office helps the student committee organize a bunch of activities and make class hoodies that bring the class together. And I can still remember the meeting for current students, alumni and professors to share our comments, ideas and suggestions on the curriculum and the program. It offers a very open environment to express opinions and share ideas. We would also like to thank Salad and every one that has provided help during the year.

Alberto MAZZI (2015 - 16 Intake)

Company & location: Mediolanum Gestione Fondi SGR, Italy
Current position: Asset Management Analyst

MSc (IM) program provides 360-degree learning environment, both students and professors are smart people from which I have learned everyday something new. The elective courses are shared with MBA and other MSc programs, this let me team-work on challenging and interesting tasks with the best Asia finance people of the future.  As I see it, if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room, and MSc (IM) program has brought me in the best learning environment giving me the opportunity to share an experience with the smartest and most talented students in Hong Kong.

Finance is the most challenging industry, everyday there's a new level go through, and MSc (IM) program has provided me strong analytical skills and a creative, self-starter and result-oriented mindset to face this new and undiscovered challenges. Through different tasks, I have learned how to approach an issue/challenge without knowing the outcome and this has developed my critical thinking skills that are fundamental in an industry as Finance where the outcome is always unknown.

Tianze ZHANG (2015 - 16 Intake)

Company & location: Goldman Sachs
Current position: Credit Sales

The academic structure of MSc (IM) program covers wide range of finance disciplines such as financial products, quantitative finance, corporate finance, hedge funds and private equity, etc. The intensive trainings of different finance products equipped me with strong knowledge in this field and made me stand out from the interview process.   This focus has helped students who are interested in sales and trading hugely.

The industry veterans' lectures are indeed valuable, they are senior and experienced professionals. Having their courses is a 100% joy and what you learn and absorb from those lectures is unique and invaluable.

The program office's support is definitely No.1 in Hong Kong and yes, it is the support you cannot get from other master degree programs. Whenever you have whichever kind of questions, you can treat program office as a single point of contacts. You will find your solution or the right place to go from our program office.

Jay HA (2016 - 17 Intake)

Company & location: Natixis, Hong Kong
Current position: Graduate Analyst, Corporate & Investment Banking

The MSc(IM) program was a great combination of financial theories and practicality. Moreover, it opened my perspective to the current issues and the varieties within the financial industry. The diversity and the intensity of the program developed me to be able to start a career in Hong Kong.

The courses and the professors actually helped me to find my career path. For instance, the Sustainable Investing class got me interested in the field of sustainability within the financial industry, which led me to obtaining a part time internship at Robeco. Such experience, I believe, has been a huge corner stone for me to land at Natixis C&IB, where it also puts emphasis on sustainability of the society amongst their business.

The administrative support is great. Whenever I needed help, or had a question the team would be always there to figure out a solution or to answer my questions. Without such support, I believe I would have wasted a huge amount of time gathering information and so on to figure things out.

Ryan LI (2016 - 17 Intake)

Company & location: CTI Capital Management Limited, Hong Kong
Current position: Analyst, Asset Management

The MSc(IM) program provides students with a good balance between pragmatic and academic knowledge. Professors with world class academic background and sophisticated industry experience have explained how the finance world is changing nowadays and how the academic knowledge can be applied to the real business circumstance. My favorite classes like “Investment Analysis” with Prof. Entela Benz and “Strategic Finance and Value Creation” with Pr. Kasper Meisner Nielsen are the good examples. I am grateful that the program has prepared me for my future career.

On the first day I joined the program, the career service already started to equip me with all the incoming job hunting season. Resume clinic, one on one coach, mock interview – all these career training have contributed to my success of landing on a graduate job from different perspectives. Apart from the "combat technics", the element in the career service helped me understand my own personality and help me to decide on which career I should go to. The support from the program office is efficient with quick response at all time, the staff are also warm-heated and helpful.

Kelly WANG (2016 - 17 Intake)

Company & location: Haitong International Securities Company Limited, Hong Kong
Current position: Management Trainee

MSc(IM) program teaching quality is of high standard in both materials and teaching methods. The group study sessions, including group project and discussions, helped us to improve teamwork spirit. We combined knowledge from textbook and analysis of market to accomplish the project, and the application contributed to deeper understanding of theories.

As a student with limited financial knowledge, majoring in food science during my bachelor study, I gained professional financial knowledge quickly from the tough courses and passed CFA Level I and Level II exam in one year.

HKUST provided well-rounded career service and training for students, including top companies’ recruitment talks, guidance on career development, workshop with alumni from industry and internship opportunities. I was being referred to some investment companies and securities companies by the career office, which helped me find an outstanding internship and the graduate job in HK.

Sienna CHEN (2017-18 Intake)

Company & location: BNP Paribas, Hong Kong
Current position: IBD graduate program

The MSc(IM) program impressed me a lot with the systematic class structure and diversified classmates and excellent career services.  My bachelor degree was in arts background minoring in Finance. Lacking systematic knowledge is one of my drawbacks and I desired to improve it. The MSc(IM) program’s class structure equipped me with the financial knowledge from fundamental into more in-depth part, which helped me success in CFA level I and job recruitment.  I am more confident on my financial knowledge and dare to say I am a finance student now.

During my study at HKUST MSc(IM) program, I was positively influenced by my classmates, they are coming from diversified background.   They shared their experiences and knowledge with me, networking with excellent students and professors have pushed me further. The MSc(IM) program provides different kinds of career services such as company visits, recruitment talks, soft skill training, one-on-one coaching and informative recruiting job board, etc.  The excellent career services and competitive classmates around me are the important factors to help me success in the job recruitment.

The support from the administrative unit is very helpful, I am clear for what I should do in different time with order, which also instructed me not to miss any deadlines and complete the required procedures on time. I am very grateful for the supports provided by HKUST and MSc(IM) program. I am really appreciate what I have gained here.