Message from Academic Director

Academic Director_FT

The MSc programs in Investment Management/Financial Analysis are designed to meet the needs of professionals who have an interest in developing a global view of finance. The programs offer a unique opportunity to combine a full-time career with a world-class masters in investment management or financial analysis program that is grounded in both academic rigor and immense practicality.

The program equips you with the techniques and frameworks needed to increase your analytical and financial decision making skills. You will learn from world-class faculty and leading practitioners on how to put the latest academic thinking into practice.

The Master of Science in Investment Management Program (MScIM) is best suited to those who wish to work in investments, fund management, securities and wealth management. The Master of Science in Financial Analysis (MScFA) is best suited to those who wish to work in corporate finance, investment and commercial banking, private equity and venture capital, and security analysis.

If you want to fast-track your career and you are looking for a program that combines academic depth with practical insight, we would be delighted to talk to you.

Prof. Jialin Yu
MScIM/FA Academic Director